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Flood risk and drainage

Effective drainage and management of surface water is important for our proposed development and for people living close by.

We have carefully modelled the way water moves across the site and tested ground conditions to see what happens as a result of groundwater settling in depressions and low spots.

This has informed the drainage strategy we have developed to ensure that the site will not flood and won’t increase the amount of water flowing off the site, ensuring flood risk is not increased to others.

Our approach

  • The residential development will be wholly located in an area that has a very low risk of flooding (1-in-1,000-year chance)
  • The existing watercourses adjacent to the site (next to the A39 and to the north extending from the farm area) have been assessed using hydraulic modelling to confirm there are no significant impacts on the proposed development
  • Surface water will be managed on-site through a Sustainable Urban Drainage system featuring five ponds. These will limit surface water discharge to better than existing runoff rates ensuring flood risk is not increased elsewhere. Storage totalling around 10,000m3 will be provided to cater for a one in 100-year flooding event, plus 40 per cent extra capacity for any climate change storm event
  • The ponds will appear as natural features enhancing ecological value and the attractiveness of the area
  • Foul flows will connect to the surrounding sewer network in the A39 and suitable capacity will be provided by Wessex Water


Our masterplan shows the layout of our proposals for the creation of around 625 new homes.

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