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Cokerhurst Farm

Creating a Development worthy of Wembdon 


We have studied the topography of the site to ensure our development works with its gradient. Therefore, our proposals avoid building on the highest point of the site. This means each side is screened from the other which in combination with enhanced planting will mitigate views of the development from the surrounding landscape. We are committed to treating sensitively, and retaining where appropriate, any historic or landscape features.

New greenspaces for local people

The development will provide publicly accessible open greenspaces, all linked with footpaths to create a network accessible to new and existing residents. These will include greenspace play areas and multi-use games areas to provide outdoor activities for families.

Walking and cycling links

The development will include a network of walking and cycling routes that encourage a sustainable approach to movement both through the site and linked to surrounding areas. Public rights of way will link open spaces together to provide a network of green spaces for residents.


Ecologists have gathered data over the course of more than three years to develop an understanding of the important ecological features of the site, in order that these can be retained and protected alongside development. A significant proportion of the completed development has been set aside for use as open space. Areas will be specifically managed to promote biodiversity. Other ecological enhancements designed into the proposals include the creation of wildlife ponds within site drainage features, and the retention and enhancement of strategic green links to avoid habitat fragmentation.


Our masterplan shows the layout of our proposals for the creation of around 625 new homes.

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